Mun Hean @ BEX Asia 2016 – Singapore

Mun Hean @ BEX Asia 2016 – Singapore


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Mun Hean recent participation as an exhibitor in the BEXAsia 2016 Singapore building and energy show at Marina Bay Sands during 7-9 Sep 2016.

The show attracted visitors from the building developer, engineering consultant, facility managers and system integrator. Focus of the show is on building energy efficiency, improved operation efficiency and management infrastructure.

The Mun Hean exhibition showcase is split into 4 core competencies:
– Janitza Power Quality Management solution
– Sinexcel Power Quality Solution
– Helita Lightning Protection
– MH Protection Relay Switchboard Components

At the Janitza corner, we showcased the following products: 
– UMG512 Class A Power Quality Analyser
– UMG509 Main Feeder Power Quality Analyser
– UMG96RM-E Advanced Load Centers Monitor with Residual Current Detection
– UMG96RM Load Centres Energy Monitors 
– UMG20CM Compact 20- Circuits Monitor for Residual Current Monitor & Load
– GridVis PQM PQ Management Software


The attraction of the Janitza solution is on advanced early fault detection. Using the Residual Current Monitor function, extreme low level leakage development can be picked up and working with the GridVis intelligent algorithm to determine a possible fault coming and sound alarm before system interruption happens.  

Over at the Sinexcel product section, we showcased the following items:
AHF Wall Mount Unit
SVG Rack Mount Unit


The interest on harmonics and reactive power issues has become a main subject of discussion among critical facilities owners.  We left some deep impression on how an AHF can be installed in tight spaces with the 25A Wall Mount AHF display.  While the rack mount SVG shows off the high KVA/Module density that can be achieved using IGBT technology.


At the Helita corner, we have setup the live testing demonstration where a HT Injection Test Set is configured to run continuously, while a Fluke oscilloscope shows the discharge pulse registered from the Pulsar HT block. 


BEX 2016

Finally at the MH Protection Relay section, we have a live demo panel installed with our latest range of LV protection relays;
– IDMTL Range (REA200n, ROA207n, REF052n)
– DTL Range (EF18, OA703, OUV400)
– Earth Leakage Range (EL-P, EL-DIN)


A demonstration panel is configured to mimic a real switchboard coordinated protection scheme architecture.  Test current injector was used to simulate a propagation of fault and the relays were setup to trip at a cascading time coordination.  And lastly, the Mechanical Trip Button function was demonstrated to maintain.


During the exhibition, Mun Hean was invited to give a talk on Power Quality Solution.  Mr Chee, Product & Business Development Manager of Mun Hean Singapore Pte Ltd, gave a presentation in the assessment, impact analysis and ramification solution to a group of participant comprising of engineers, facility managers and operation executives.  



The show closed on 9 Sep 2016 and we were happy to have met many new contacts who share the same interest in making building energy system more efficient and higher reliability.