Data Centre World (DCW), Hong Kong 2017

Data Centre World (DCW), Hong Kong 2017

Mun Hean participated at the 2017 Data Centre World (DCW), Hong Kong, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 24-25 May 2017. The Data Centre industry has become a key area in Mun Hean’s portfolio growth. With notable success in Data Centre projects such as HSBC, ST Telemedia and NTT & PCCW, just to name a few, Mun Hean has raised its recognition as a provider for Energy Management System (EMS) for critical facilities.

The DCW is the largest dedicated Data Centre event in North Asia and the world’s largest independent data centre event. Over the two days at DCW, the event attracted over 7,000 IT professionals within the industry. At the Mun Hean booth, three distinct demonstrations were showcased:

Demonstration 1:      Janitza Power Quality Management

The UMG512 Class A analyser, UMG509 mid range analyser and UMG96-RM load analyser were connected to provide an overview of how a typical industrial and commercial building electrical management can be implemented. The Janitza GridVis PQM software provided the central data visualization and technical analysis on fault event recording and energy consumption reporting. The auto power quality reporting compliance to EN50160 and IEC61000-2-4 were demonstrated.

Demonstration 2:      Hakel Surge Protection

A working live demonstration of how coordinated surge protection can be implemented using Hakel SPD products. A Janitza UMG509 is used to capture the waveform to validate the working of the surge suppression with and without the use of SPD. Destructive testing of the harmful effect of surge was carried out using tungsten light buld as the sacrificial load experiencing a surge. The Hakel Isolguard leakage monitoring device was used to illustrate how early warning alert is achieved in IT-network installation.

Demonstration 3:       Sinexcel AHF and SVG PQ Solution

The working of AHF and SVG were demonstrated using live non-linear load to introduce harmonics pollution and also low power factor condition. The effective removal of harmonics THDi% was registered on a Janitza UMG509. The SVG ability to compensate for both Leading and Lagging power factor condition is also presented.

The visitor response to these demonstrations was excellent. The occasion was also graced by the visit of Markus Janitza, Managing Director of Janitza electronics GmbH, Germany. We would like to congratulate the Mun Hean Hong Kong team for a successful exhibition, and we look forward to the participation at Data Centre World (DCW), Singapore, at the Marina Bay Sands in October 2017.