Mun Hean Power Quality Seminar in Jakarta

Mun Hean Power Quality Seminar in Jakarta

A core group of Engineering Consultant, Switch Board Manufacturer, Plant Facility Manager and Datacenter System Integrator came to this 1 day technical seminar with live equipment demonstration on Power Quality and Solution.

The event was organized by PT MunHean Puma Perkasa, a subsidiary company of Mun Hean Singapore.


The live equipment demonstration consist of Sinexcel Active Harmonics Filter, Janitza UMG power analyser, driven with live loads of 100A load bank and harmonics source generator.


Indonesia is growing at an accelerated rate with many industries realizing the need for improved Power Quality to safeguard their business livelihood.

The participant shared their present situation faced in their work, with cases of high earth leakage problem, capacitor bank catching fire, motor control centre problem, rack server failure in datacenter and nuisance tripping of large circuit breaker.


The highlight of the seminar is focused on the live equipment demonstration. Real loads are hooked up at the hotel premise to facilitate the function of Sinexcel Active Harmonics Filtering, Static VAR Compensation, Phase Load Balancing and the elaboration of power quality reporting using Janitza UMG power analyser.