Power Quality Software

GridVis – Comprehensive Power Quality and Energy Measurement Software Platform  

The GridVis software serves as the central management & reporting data logging platform for all UMG devices. It can be used to present the measurement values as actual values online and a graphic presentation of the values read from the measurement value of UMG devices.

The topology overview provides a quick overview of the complete electricity network. The GridVis software also serves the purpose of setting parameterisation of the UMG devices. Furthermore, the creation of customer-specific programs is possible using our own developed program language, Jasic®, or the user-friendly graphic programming periphery.

The GridVis grid visualisation software enables the following:

  • Visualisation of measurement values
  • Automatic ring buffer readout from the instruments
  • Storage of the data in a database
  • Graphic presentation of online measurement values
  • Configurable topology overview with freely selectable register levels
  • Configuration of the measuring instruments
  • Graphic programming of user programs or programming with the Jasic® source code
  • Parameterisation, visualisation, data management and analysis reporting

The GridVis software platform is available in 4 Versions:

  1. Basic – For measurement upto 5 UMG devices
  2. Professional – Unlimited measurement of UMG devices, Support for MySQL/MsSQL
  3. Enterprise – Unlimited measurement of UMG devices, Support for MySQL/MsSQL, Support for 3rd party Modbus devices, Cost Center Reporting, Automatic Report Generation
  4. Service – Unlimited measurement of UMG devices, Support for MySQL/MsSQL, Support for 3rd party Modbus devices, Cost Center Reporting, Automatic Report Generation, Online Recording, Server Mode running, Auto Alarm Management
Energy Portal – Cloud Solultion for Energy Management  

The Energy Portal cloud service is a Janitza hosted solution for Internet enabled energy data monitoring. The cloud service can be accessed from anywhere in the world via PC or tablet under www.energy-portal.com. With the Energy-Portal, Janitza provides the option of evaluating and displaying energy data from the UMG measurement devices without requiring an IT infrastructure or expensive software. The energy data can be pushed directly into the Energy-Portal from any location by multiple UMG devices. The Energy-Portal saves high acquisition and operating costs for software, database, server, commissioning and software maintenance. The portal is extremely intuitive so that users can handle it without a technical background.

The supported UMG measurement device are as follow (UMG 604, UMG 605, UMG 508, UMG 509, UMG 511 and UMG 512); a specific UMG-APP program will be installed on the UMG device. After installing the UMG-App and configuring the device’s memory, the measured values will be automatically uploaded to the Energy Portal cloud service via Internet access. Up to 50 measurement UMG devices, each with a maximum of 25 measured values can be managed per Customer Cloud account. Customer can login to their specific Cloud Account to view, configure and arrange the Web Display. The service is stored in high security datacentre.