Seminar – Isolated Power System – for Group 2 Medical Locations (Malaysia)

Seminar – Isolated Power System – for Group 2 Medical Locations (Malaysia)

The first official marketing event of Mun Hean (Malaysia) for the year 2017 was held on 24 February at the Public Works Department of Malaysia (JKR) Head Office, Kuala Lumpur.

The half-day seminar, entitled “Isolated Power System – for Group 2 Medical Locations” was attended by thirty-three JKR electrical engineers mainly from the Healthcare Engineering Design Department for government projects in healthcare industry.

JKR 1-2017

Mr Vince Lim (Sales Engineer), began the seminar with a Mun Hean corporate presentation, followed with a technical explanation by Mr Alex Foong, (Business Development Manager), who presented on Low Voltage Electrical Installations Standards for Health Care Facilities, in accordance to IEC 60364-7-710 for Group 2 Medical Locations.

JKR 2 - 2017

Mr Chong SL (Technical Sales Manager), presented on the application of Hakel Insulation Monitoring and Fault Location Devices (ISOLGUARD) in healthcare industry. He covered the principles and functionality of insulation monitoring devices and the importance of applying Insulation Monitoring and Fault location device to Group 2 medical location according to IEC 60364-7-710. Participants then had a hands-on session with the Hakel ISOLGUARD.

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Hakel ISOLGUARD is used to monitor the insulation resistance Risol of electrical circuit, isolation transformer temperature and the current consumption monitor of the electrical circuit. It can give an early warning to the user when there is an insulation resistance leakage and detect which circuit is causing such leakage.

Hakel provides a comprehensive range of products and solutions for the implementation of the isolated power systems. From medical grade isolation transformers to insulation monitoring devices, Hakel’s medical solutions are designed and tested to comply with IEC 60364-7-710. Hakel’s product range also features insulation fault location detection for heavy industries which greatly improves the performance of the monitoring system where fault location can be easily identified and rectified to minimize the downtime of the affected critical systems.

It was a fruitful and interesting session which captured the full attention of the participants. This was MHM second seminar to JKR participants promoting MH products and solutions since 2016. Mun Hean (Malaysia) is thankful to JKR for once again giving them the opportunity to showcase our products and share Mun Hean’s expertise and solutions to their engineers.

JKR 6 - 2017

We look forward to having further seminars in JKR in view of the encouraging responses and valuable feedback from the JKR personnel!

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